X plane 11 747 liveries

This is a repaint of the default MD in X-Plane The paint includes the iconic British Airways Landor livery famous in the 's. Author: Paul Mort. This is a repaint of the default Boeing in X-Plane The paint includes a livery for Qatar Airways latest colors.

For the Ramzzess BER. By Cameron Jenkins. Air New Zealand on runway X-Plane Here, in this latest version, is a plane and flying experience worth the effort to master.

This version has no 3D cockpit, but it does have eight panel views to give a degree set of views around the interior of the cockpit, as well as a set of night textures. If you have enjoyed the previous versions, try out this better flying experience. The same good flying, better experience. By Ron Norvelle. Boeing in flight This is a fictional livery for Heinz Dziurowitz's payware Boeing This livery depicts the in the Etihad Guest Ambassadors livery.

By Rene Bruun Renair.

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Etihad Ambassadors livery on taxiway This is a livery for Heinz Dziurowitz payware B It is a fictional logo representing the Harlequins Rugby team. Harlequins on runway X-Plane Aer Solas Boeing This is a livery for the B by Heinz Dziurowitz. Aer Solas Boeing on runway This is a livery for the default X-plane 10 This time around it is of the newest Air France paint.

I have very little to say about this, it was a request that was scheduled for later but I wanted something simple to do after toiling away on the Virgin livery… not sure where to go next, probably Lufthansa or Corsair.

SSG B748 Liveries

As usual, many thanks to fellow user 'hemlockson' for advice. Also, thanks to 'leen de jaguar' for the normals. Please remember that tips, requests etc This is a livery for the payware B by Heinz Dziurowitz. This livery combines the author's passion for cycling and flying. Tour-de-France Air France I'm really pleased with the outcome of these!

As usual, many thanks to fellow user 'hemlockson' for the interior and advice, and to 'leen de jager' for the normals. Please remember that tips, requests etc. Air New Zealand This is a livery for Heinz's B Dreamliner.By StephenMay 14, in Airliners Reviews.

Aircraft Update : Boeing Series V1. It is very hard to believe with the passing of time and the legendary status that that been compiled around the Boeing series for now 50 years. But back in the aircraft's early days it was quite simply a mess of an aircraft, or even under developed as it went into service In that fact nothing has really changed for Boeing. The company bet big on the revolutionary "Jumbo Jet" but in reality the engineering had not kept up with the promise So the engine could never be used at any thrust maximums unless you wanted a dead engine on your aircraft, so in most cases in early service the B's were basically flying on three engines per service.


This was solved by strengthening the engine casing and adding yoke-shaped thrust links, and so would such a situation happen today, no in reality the aircraft like the current B MAX it would have and should have been grounded.

This was an interesting point because what the computer struggled with was not the frameweight of the B, but it's sheer size in the numbers polygons of the aircraft it had to compute, because complexity and quality comes at a cost. That was five years ago. The aircraft evolutioned immensely, but never really overcame it's basic issues, and in times it was quite a mess of a simulation.

But at least SSG kept on developing and having faith in the aircraft. It is also full of advanced ideas and details, but again this is an area the required a lot of skills to do Version r elease v1. So here is update v1. But the B is not going completely out of our flying lives, but it is too be soon replaced by a completely new ground up rebuild and design of the B v2.

But that is not to say this final update is not worthy, and although it is not a huge update this original version is at least going out of commission with a little style and dignity. It also helps with this upgrade in that like a lot of aircraft in the X-Plane simulator the SSG Bi package didn't go through the upgrade process, in other words any original X-Plane10 version can be upgraded to the X-Plane11 standard free of charge, and with no repurchase cost involved, so that really helps with the original purchase investment so this"final" version can still be used for a significant period of time if you don't want to change your original investment or at least till X-Plane11 is replaced by X-Plane For the freighter version the GHD plugin is essential.

In reality the long haul BF is wasted on such a short route, but Mercedes need the huge capacity of the BF. First big feature addition to v1. It looks very good and can be set in "Dirty" or "Clean" modes. Set fuel and cargo weights can be set in the left side iPad styled built in panel, but the settings can also transferred directly into the FMC via the upper LK1 Left Key You can do the manual input as well. The odd one on the data is the "Cost Index" SSG note and myselfbut usually cost indexes are around 35 to 55, so looks a bit too odd, but then again Cost Indexes are a complex formula.

Overall the FMS is very good and detailed with a lot of input and data pages You can certainly see on how far this built in FMS has progressed here, the system is now as good as most of the others out there.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. X-Plane 11 Store Page. Someone an idea how to do this? Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. Some are easier to do than others. I just do it the long way the one that works. I copy and paste a livery folder, rename it and then just whack the normal texture files into Photoshop other programmes work tooadd things to the surfaces etc. Takes a long time to get right, but it seems to work.

Oh do that with them - sorry. I don't have access to a computer at the moment, but I think when you extract the folder, you get another folder inside. That folder inside has to go in the livery folder. So it will be something like It doesn't seems to worksame with plugins, even if I replace the delta skin for BA liverie.

Could you have more than one Xplane installation? Is the livery you unpacked for the specifically for the default B? Originally posted by opjose :. You have to install it in programfiles x86 if you have the same problem. I can't get liveries to work either, any help? Originally posted by joshrichards :. Do you mean, how do you install liveries to the default aircraft that came with X-Plane? Download any blank livery, then open the. After that, you just have to save the edited imaged as.

Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 15 May, pm. Posts: Available as instant download. Externals: The entire external 3D model for v2 has been redone, including the following:. The textures for the entire aircraft have been redone to match the new model, along with decals for certain detailed areas, right down to most of the external placards, working closely with their technical advisors to ensure all the main details are present and that they have gotten them right.

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x plane 11 747 liveries

To category Microsoft Flight Simulator. Description System requirements Upgrade-Service Version. Close menu. Product information "Boeing Inter Anniversary Edition".So you are now close to having an amazing flight experience in your simulator. All files are original and are not modified in any way! If you as a developer have any misconceptions about sharing your original file, from our free google drive.

x plane 11 747 liveries

Contact thexplanedude gmail. This software is protected by copyright laws. It is for personal, non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to redistribute any part of this package without permission. Product Info:. This is modified default B This moded aircraft shows what are the possibilities of this plugin and Xplane Tested on.

High Quality Liveries

X-Plane Category: free aircraft. Boeing Agent Folder XP. Date created link: The aircraft is available in four variants and was developed by de Havilland Canada in the early s. Link to more free : Thomas Rasmussen.

x plane 11 747 liveries

Hi all. The new Robin DR is a DR upgraded with a glass cockpit, larger cockpit, electric trim and flaps. Main features :. Accurate flight model by X-Aerodynamics. Functional 3D cockpit, with VR ready manipulators. Windshield reflections. Support librain for dynamic rain effect since 1. Link to more free : soon. This update is primarily aimed at improving the overall stability and flight dynamics of this otherwise outstanding aircraft, in an attempt to make it even easier to fly, and to make it come even closer to the performance and flight characteristics of the actual aircraft.By StephenJanuary 29 in Airliners Reviews.

There was a discussion early in that listed all the aircraft that you could fly long haul in X-Plane When you added it all up the list was not great, in fact for a leading simulator you could even call it deplorable and that was with just cause.

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It is not that X-Plane doesn't have long haul heavy aircraft as we do, but the fact is that there are very a few available as the FlightFactor's Boeing series is now very out of date, Peter's Airbus A is even older and not what you would call study grade, The FlightFactor A is not in the game either with a non-realistic FMC but that is promised with a fix soonand you can't count the Magknight B Dreamliner in this grade either but it is getting better with each update But although the numbers are against such aircraft as the A and the B, we still need their huge carrying capacity.

However there was also the announcement of the coming a totally new v2 of the Boeing series from SSG. The release of the v2 was around early Novemberbut the release was a disaster, one look at the aircraft and it felt very under developed and didn't deliver or was even close to the step upgrade that everyone expected I liked the systems and the detail, but a lot of the aircraft felt very underdeveloped. The reactions were swift, or was it just the usual case of not refining before releasing or just releasing an aircraft too soon, maybe, but released in early January is this updated version two v2.

So there is a lot now riding on this release and there was only really one way to find out the true depth of the aircraft and that is to fly it in it's designated environment and on a long, long haul or Flight no. We are currently at FL 34,ft at. SSG promised with the v2 a completely new design, but on the first look last year it didn't exactly stand out and blew you away.

But that has now been rectified in this update, my guess it was the Physically Based Rendering materials were not quite adjusted right and didn't give off the quality sheen SSG were looking for, but that new fuselage and it's extreme detailing now looks sensational and highly detailed.

You only have to look at the earlier GEnx version to notice the vast differences.

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Wings are beautifully proportioned, modern and again all new, wing flex is also redone and is highly realistic. So the high quality detailing is everywhere and this SSG is now certainly the best B modeled version we have ever had externally in X-Plane. So the design has moved a considerable way forward.

This is brilliant of course but it all comes with a heavy cost in your frameweight. The original B version was quite if very heavy on your processors, this v2 version is damn right bloody heavy on your framerate, so you will have to make compromises.

PMDG 747 Liveries

I am running here a very basic version of X-Plane, this version has very few plugins, and absolutely no additional extras or changes, the only addition to the basic X-Plane download is my usual Custom Scenery Folder and Global Scenery folder, so the framerate is off the wall.

Biggest hit is to the graphics, I had the "Texture Quality" set to "Maximum" but the overload when the SSG B when loaded was to high at mb and over my 8K card limit, so I had to accept the "High" setting for the flight to reduce my TQ down to mb, which is still high in this setup condition, then add in any heavy scenery and you can see the problem.

So there is a cost here for all that higher quality and detail. SSG promised also an internal 3d cabin, and that is what you get, but only on the upper deck and not the main deck, and that didn't make the punters happy at all The upper class hump is nicely done, and it isn't actually a big area and very Concorde like in size yes I have flown up theredetail is good without being outstanding and feels modeled and no textures, but I do like the curve and the details of the inter-deck stairs, all the lower deck areas are only contained around the doors.

Most of the venom of the first v2 release was targeted at the cockpit. I myself thought it also wasn't particularly different from the original, although it has been completely redesigned from scratch IT IS better, and actually really well done, but in certain lighting conditions the panel and the cockpit can still feel dull, but in the right lighting conditions you can see the textures and semi-gloss of the panels The clue might be in the Yokes But you are not short of detail, this is a fully operational Boeing as every switch and every button works, it is impressive, and confusing on how much you have to know to operate this aircraft at the same time Part of the promise with the new cabin was also opening external doors, yes the earlier v1 Bi had opening doors but with only one or flip open everything, which wasn't very authentic.

The door internal detail is very good, the cargo door mechanism as a focus is excellent in detail. There is a pushback feature as well, but I use BetterPushBack. The Fueling page is excellent and I really like the quick and efficient selection of10, 1 input system which is very quick and easy.

SSG note the fuel loads in the tanks at a quicker fast speed, but it feels too quick at this flow rate and doesn't feel realistic, maybe a more lengthy realistic loading time for the realists, but also a quick refuel option for the impatient. A checklist reset is also available on the tablet. So it is a very good if simple to the good Menu, but the interface design is a bit average to the high quality of the aircraft, the left interface panel looks all a bit rushed and Windows 95 in that aspect.

You can input directly by pressing the KEYS selection, but note it does freeze the background for movement.

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I also found the pop-ups would also input the wrong key selection, with sometimes some very disastrous results like when inputting the FLIGHT No. Overall the FMC depth as noted here is very good, with great detail. The FMC can mix itself up and not add in or takeway waypoints with perfection, and this issue only resets itself when you do the completed edit, so that can make it frustrating.We do not know what we will do without her.

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